Promotional Video


August 2017 / Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Kendama play by Tokyo Dama Girls.

Camera: Alexis Lee, Hiroki Ijima
Edit: Alexis Lee
Motion Graphics: Imran Yusof

Special Thanks to Thorkild May and Kodaman.

This project is a fun one.

Krom Kendama is one of the well-known brand names in the worldwide kendama and skilltoy industry today. Based in Denmark, their products speak of their love for improving the freestyle game while making kendama approachable, fun, and stylish. They are known to be very funky with their style, and so I contacted my buddy Imran to help with the Motion Graphics. Coincidentally, he is the one who first introduced me to kendama many years ago.

Tokyo Dama Girls is a group of girls who are passionate and actively play kendama. Founded as a project by Kodaman of Zoomadanke, these ladies quickly picked up lots of techniques and are commonly recognised in the kendama scene as the adorable girls in Tokyo. They are incredibly nice and a joy to work with.

We filmed this under the 36 Celcius sun one hot summer day. It was intense, but I’m glad the final results shone really well.

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